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About the company

Agrarian industrial complex is the basis of the economy of the Lankaran-Astara economic regions. Strong part of the region’s processing sector is related to agro-processing (food sector). Dostluq Firm is one of Bigest Company in this region. Dostlug Firm started its operations in 2000 by producing tomato paste and selling the products to small markets in Lenkoran. Officially registered in 2004, Dostlug Firm created the brand “Optimal” and is now leading tomato and pickle producing company in the Southern region of Azerbaijan.Optimal specializing in the production of fruit and vegetable crops, has been supplied with suitable equipments. The company is situated in Yuxari Nuvedi street in the Lankaran region. Nowadays, the company has been able to find its place in the market by the production of juices, compote and vegetable products under the trade mark Optimal, Canub And etc. The company has got an office, a production department, a storehouse, a boiling room etc and as well as 1.5 hectare area to enlarge its production in. The company purchases raw material from local farmers. The products of the company are mainly sold in the local market, in different regions. Definite percentage of the produced products is exported to Russia and other neighboring countries.
The company has distributing centers in Lankaran, Baku and other big cities in Azerbaijan. It is possible to deliver ecologically clean products to the all regions of Azerbaijan. For ordering you may use the functioning presented in our web site .